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Marvid Poultry is the only kosher slaughterhouse in Canada: Chicken, turkey, duck, chicken of Cournouailles. Marvid Poultry offers fresh or frozen poultry, products that are already seasoned and ready to cook as well as a complete range of delicatessen meats.

Marvid Poultry

Online soon

You will now be able to find all the products available at Volailles Marvid directly online. Indeed, the Marvid website has been redesigned to include finding a complete catalogue of products, classified by category and easy to consult. In addition to locating your favourite products, you can consult a single click the different format offered. Volailles Marvid is the only company where you will find under the same teaches, as many cuts and varieties of poultry, turkey, duck, Cornish chicken and marinated products. Good visit.